Both for profit and non-profit, from concept creation to full operation.


Small and large Businesses, Government Agencies, and NGo's seeking improvement in all areas.

Intro “Edwin Molina has proven himself to be a pure entrepreneur with the rare ability to apply his, and his Trident team's, unique talents to high-level corporate operations and functions - their work for Konica Minolta has greatly benefited our organization, on a variety of levels." Konica Minolta Business Solutions Intro “Edwin Molina and the team at Trident Communications have the unique ability to creatively and successfully turn plans into reality. And in ways that benefit companies, like ours, through improvements to vision, culture, and comprehensive operational structure and processes.” DSJ Printing Intro "Over the course of two years, in the effort to save our company and develop the promise for a brighter future, Trident Communications was integral and personally involved in helping us raise initial/start-up funds, as well as plan, structure, and execute a successful business strategy for continued growth and revenue." West Coast Lacrosse What Our Clients Have To Say