Trident Communications functions as a high-profile boutique organizational development, operations, and marketing and sales company serving small, medium, and large businesses so that they may achieve greater efficiencies, transition-free operations, and greater revenues and profits than achieved in the past. The principals of Trident Communications each have impressive records of success in assisting companies design, adopt and implement plans (i.e., strategic, organizational, operational, marketing and sales) based on new and disruptive technologies that achieve both specific goals as well as those of general business growth. The company places its clients first in all things – your goals are our goals; and we utilize our considerable talent and experience, including a strong network of multi-industry experts and leaders, to ensure we achieve the success you demand.

The following provides a brief overview of highlights of Trident Communications’ consulting work:

Deployed the first patented Video-On-Demand (VOD) in the world in 1994 in Rochester, New York, with Rochester Telephone. USA Video partnered with DEC and Samsung to successfully compete against Time Warner and AOL; allowing the company to raise, based on Molina’s efforts, over $8 Million to finance and market this precedent-setting VOD deployment that also included Bell Atlantic. All while simultaneously building the number of Company shareholders from 300 to over 5,000; and getting news published by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Investor’s Business Daily, CNN and other international publications through tireless dedication in promoting the Company.

In 2006, completed one of the first successful deployments of Anti-Piracy software at 20th Century Fox for the studio’s “screener” division. Created a solution that not only functioned perfectly, but also provided a series of system attributes that no other company could provide, while working with the President of Engineering for FOX Group and EVP Global Research & Technology Strategy. The software was deployed globally and is still being successfully utilized by the studio’s relevant divisions within the international marketplace.

Led the first US-sponsored investigative contingent to tour Chernobyl after the December, 1991, fall of the Soviet Union. Concentrating on Emergency Preparedness and related Radiation Protection and Recovery programs, developed and implemented, from 1992 to 1996, the US-Ukraine Technology/ Information Exchange sponsored by the Ukraine Academy of Sciences and various US agencies, including the Department of Energy, and private corporations.

Led the Corporate Affairs and Community Outreach team tasked with reversing the negative perception and poor performance of Northeast Utilities and the Millstone Nuclear Power Station (in Waterford, Connecticut), following the 1996 Time Magazine cover story highlighting the utility’s and facility’s problems. Designed corrective action and crisis management plans; marketing plans; community, educational, media, and political outreach plans; and managed staff and budgets to successfully re-establish Northeast Utilities and Millstone Power Station as leaders in the industry; and to be regarded positively by share and stakeholders throughout the internal organization, and with the community, politicians and business leaders, industry regulators, and media.

Led a team of specialists, scientists, managers, and executive-level experts to introduce a disruptive technology-based, new-to-market video compression algorithm and company that we advanced in such a manner that it grew from a stock price of $0.04 to over $10.00 per share within a one-year time frame.

Designed and ran Emergency Preparedness, Security and Safety drills and exercises, and developed protocols and procedures for nuclear power generating stations, interacting with local, state, and federal agencies for the conduct and evaluation of graded drills and exercises. Developed comprehensive Crisis Management, Emergency Preparedness, and Radiological Protection programs for all organizational levels – from field-based to executive-level management.

Led fundraising efforts for various non-profit organizations and charities, as well as for for-profit industrial and financial investment companies totaling over $33 million, and utilizing strategically-developed marketing plans and techniques that assisted in achieving said goals.

Currently, Trident is also leading the print and multi-media industry’s technology and process-improvement “beta test” with Konica Minolta and DSJ Printing on the US west coast.