Edwin Molina

Mr. Edwin Molina has been featured in national media and trade journals, and has been characterized as a pure entrepreneur. With extensive corporate experience as well, he served as the President, CEO, and a Board of Directors member of USA Video since his appointment by the Board in 1998. Prior to serving in the top executive position with the Company, he served USA Video as Vice President and Senior Administrator, responsible for developing and overseeing marketing, administration,public relations, and investor and shareholder relations. During this time, he deployed the first patented Video On Demand in the world in 1994 in Rochester New York with Rochester Telephone, who partnered with USA Video, DEC, Samsung and ran the deployment race along side Time Warner and AOL. Mr. Molina also led the marketing and finance programs for USA Video which raised over $8 million to launch this precedent-setting project, while simultaneously building the number of shareholders from 300 to over 5,000 for the Company; and simultaneously getting news published by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Investor’s Business Daily and other international publications.

Prior to joining the Company in 1991, Mr. Molina developed and administered the marketing and public relations operations for Micron Mining Corporation, a mining exploration venture for which he assisted in raising several million dollars for the corporation. In 1983, Mr. Molina joined California-based Plaza Printers and spent approximately five years monopolizing the printing and graphics business for 8 million square feet of business and office real estate in the heart of Century City, California, serving as the corporation’s General Manager and multi-site head of marketing and sales. Prior to 1983, he founded and operated his own California-based graphic design and marketing firm for five years, working with Clients such as L.A. Gear, J Walter Thompson and others. Mr. Molina’s history of supporting others and building relationships with investors and consumers alike, surrounding himself and his businesses with multi-industry and discipline experts, and maintaining the focus of USA Video while capitalizing on ever-changing technical advancements, have ensured Company survivability and set the stage for USA Video’s current position and future growth.

More recently (beginning in 2006), Mr. Molina completed one of the first successful deployments of Anti- Piracy software at 20th Century Fox for that studio’s “screaner” division. He spearheaded a solution that not only worked but also provided functionality that no other company could provide while working with the President of Engineering for the FOX Group and EVP Global Research & Technology Strategy. The software was deployed globally and is still currently being utilized at 20th Century Fox’s main studio and global branch offices.

Skill Sets of Mr. Molina include Executive Management, Business Plan Development, Strategic Analysis & Planning, Business Plan Execution, Marketing & Sales, Relationship Building, Project & Personnel Management, and Team Building. Currently working as a special consultant reporting directly to the President & CEO of DSJ Printing (i.e., including Letterpress Unlimited and West LA Print), Edwin has developed a fully comprehensive services division within the corporation’s umbrella organization– Trident Communications. This services division functions as its own company, and supports the umbrella organization’s large customer base spanning Southern California with emphasis around Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Culver City, West Los Angeles, Century City and Beverly Hills. TridentCommunications provides all manner of marketing and sales support, as well as deploys multiple technologies not just to its umbrella corporation, but to the corporation’s many clients as well; and in fact is currently leading the printing/multi-media industry’s primary beta test on the entire west coast with Konica Minolta and DSJ Printing. Edwin’s team-building and leadership abilities has allowed for a direct partnership with Konica Minolta, which in turn allowed senior staff to grow out the manufacturing side of the business with state-of-the-art technology to fully automate the manufacturing operation – supplying streamlined efficiencies and greater product impact.

These processes shall allow for continued corporate growth and increased client satisfaction and revenue, in addition to a growing client base and geographic industry presence. Mr. Molina’s success in the digital graphics and printing industry, as well as in the financial and disruptive technologies markets, is often credited to his innate instincts and developed experience, spanning 30 years. A survivor who has endured both good times and bad market conditions, he maintains a creative and decidedly positive outlook that he transfers internally to his team members and externally to his many developed relationships with clients and supportive vendors alike.