A stand-out athlete and multiple award winner (All-American and All-New England NCAA Lacrosse designations) throughout his college career, including Two-Time Team Captain, Steve graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University in 2009 with a Bachelors of Science (B.Sc.) in Sport Management and double minor in Health Education & Business. He continued his Lacrosse career, honing his skills and gaining extensive playing and coaching expertise in international Club Lacrosse in Germany, England, and Australia, helping his team (Chadstone Lacrosse Club of Melbourne) win its first Division 1 Championship prior to his return to the US to concentrate on coaching, training (including fundamental and advanced techniques and curriculum development), youth and sport development, first-level recruiting, and advanced-level recruiting and placement) in 2011.

A series of ever-increasing and successful postings at first Seattle Preparatory, and then ECSU (his alma mater), Steve was recruited as the Director of Boys Lacrosse at Chaminade College Preparatory in Los Angeles. Over the course of his 8 seasons, Steve helped develop the program into a perennial top-10 team and annually produced NCAA D1 and D3 players, completely re-shaping and building what was a winless program when he entered his role. During that time Steve was also a co-owner of West Coast Lacrosse LLC; a company running tournaments, leagues, college recruiting events and elite travel teams. The company’s flagship Class of 2016 had an unprecedented 92% recruitment rate, pulling from just a small pocket of towns primarily in Northern Los Angeles County. That company was recognized as a major national asset and a deal was created to merge with Mad Dog Lacrosse LLC out of New Jersey, tabbing Steve as the Director of Los Angeles operations and co-director of Southern California. Over an 18-month period the Los Angeles and Southern California teams became the #1 youth program on the West Coast and ranked in the top 5 nationally.

Steve recently stepped down from his role with Mad Dog as the newly hired Head of Lacrosse Operations at The Brentwood School in Los Angeles and to pursue his latest related endeavor – the founding of a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the West Coast Lacrosse Foundation, dedicated to the support and development of both young and older players/athletes, for both Lacrosse and in life – helping establish and raise such standards individually and within society.  The West Coast Lacrosse Foundation has begun implementing its vision and positively impacting its charges, with support from principals of Trident Communications.

Steve has not only been able to positively and successfully establish and improve each organization’s programs, operations, processes and output but also to help each of his players develop and hone their Lacrosse skills, their characters (both on and off the field) and to understand and embrace that same character and sportsmanship as a key part of each of their lives.  This core competency of support for others is a proven hallmark of Steve and has led him to continually impact and change lives wherever he goes.