Mark Princevalle


Mark Princevalle has over twenty-five years of experience in performance driven industries, both private and governmental, and has worked both in the field and in management ensuring projects are successfully planned, implemented, and completed to maximize efficiency, work processes and profitability. During the course of his career he has co-founded and led numerous organizations including the Connecticut-based “think tank,” the World Center for Strategy and Policy; the New London Group; and American Environmental Engineering.

He has negotiated, secured, and managed contracts on numerous levels, from non-profit and small businesses to NGO and major corporation representation. Mr. Princevalle has developed and managed award-winning and nationally recognized community, political, and educational outreach programs for client utilities and their subsidiaries, in addition to federally-graded security, safety, and emergency preparedness programs. He has worked as a consultant and industry expert for U.S. Department of Energy and National Laboratories projects, and for the governments of Russia, Ukraine, and Lithuania for improvements to those countries’ energy, emergency management and safety, security, and communications industries; and served as primary spokesman and liaison between government agencies and related stakeholders. He has also served as an “expert witness” for specific US Congressional hearings and private briefings. Mr. Princevalle wrote and produced the award-winning, Truth and Consequences — the True Story of Chernobyl, in concert with the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. He is also a former member of the New York Academy of Science and the American Nuclear Society; and also writes and produces documentaries and commercial and promotional advertisements for numerous clients and industries.

Mark most recently founded and serves as CEO of Storm Tech Management, a multi-million dollar engineering and design firm serving the electric and utility industries specializing in the upgrading of the nation's electric grid and related equipment - performing comprehensive engineering tasks and designing physical component replacements and re-designs as part of the company's unique and award-winning projects and programs - on a regional and local basis. Mr. Princevalle also supports the efforts and growth of Trident Communications, a boutique multi-industry organizational development and marketing company specializing in helping improve small, medium, and large corporations; and providing business, operational, strategic marketing, and crisis management plans to clients as needed. Working with former disruptive technology leaders and career mentors, such as former USA Video Interactive CEO, Edwin Molina, Mark not only develops the above referenced plans, but also implements each to achieve specific successes based on client directives.

Mr. Princevalle won his first-ever bid for public office in 1997 as a Selectman for East Lyme, CT (his hometown), and has successfully helped coordinate election campaigns for numerous municipal officials and State Representatives and Senators; and was an official delegate for US Senator (Connecticut) Joseph Lieberman. He is a past board member and chairman of numerous chapters of national non-profit organizations, such as the United Nations Association, and has served as a national legislative chair, president, and in other executive positions; and continues to provide support - operational and financial - to a large number of local, state, and regional organizations.

Mark attended the University of Rhode Island and worked toward a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Resource Technology and Management, and the University of New Haven toward a Master of Business Administration degree in International Business. He is a graduate of certificate programs in business development, technology integration, executive management, and accident assessment and response from Boston University and the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Emergency Management Institute, respectively.

Early in his career he trained and received certification as a Deep Sea Diver from Hydrospace International Underwater Systems based in Aberdeen, Scotland, and worked in the ocean research, demolition and salvage, and petrochemical industries in the North Sea, Celtic Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Persian Gulf, and Indian Ocean; and maintains involvement on a variety of levels in new underwater product development and environmentally protective and sustainable projects.